A lot of gamers don’t spend much on upgrading their characters or in-game items through Google Play Store.


Google Play knows your preferences. We know you’d rather have a throne VS the a plastic chair on your backyard. We want you to get to the right level with the right in-game items.


We created a 360 campaign together with Google Indonesia & LOWE Jakarta for the Indonesia market. The digital campaign was also suitable for some EMEA markets, Vietnam and Thailand all crafted in different languages according to the regions.

By using in-game characters and generic game items, we question our target group “What’s your level?” If you are a gamer you’ll always make the right choice: #LevelOvertake



YouTube Interactive Masthead

We crafted three short gif-stories to be leveled up by the user. They were prompted to interact and discover what is next level if you #LevelOvertake.

Clash of Clans 6″ Video

Copy: Show how’s chief #LevelOvertake at 80% off

Clash Royale 6″ Video

Copy: Make it look easy #LevelOvertake at 80% off


Generic 6″ Video

Copy:What’s your level #LevelOvertake at 80% off


Legacy of Discord 6″ Video

Copy:Get that killer look #LevelOvertake at 80% off


Smule 6″

Copy: Steal the show #LevelOvertake at 80% off

Digital Display

Copy for plastic gun VS cannon & chair VS throne creative: What’s your level?



1_Buttons_2018_Pace_Ahead 2_Buttons_2018_Netflix_Assistant 3_Buttons_2018_Singtel 4_Buttons_2018_Senator